Sorghum Seeds

Sorghum is dried & matured grain, It is grown extensively in the tropical and sub-tropical environments. Besides being a major source of staple food for human beings, it also serves as an important source of fodder, animal feed and industrial raw material. Its available in India in Yellow & White colour. The sweet stalked sorghum is emerging as a potential raw material to the industries producing alcohol, ethanol, jaggery and paper making. It is grown as kharif, rabi and also as summer sorghum.

Specification :

Origin : India
Moisture : 12 % Max
Energy : 329 kcal
Protein : 10% Min
Carbohydrate : 70% Min
Crude Fibre : 2% Min
Fat : 3% Max
Foreign Matter : 1% Max
Other Food Grain : 2% Max
Discolored : 1% Max
Shrivilled and Immature : 2.5% Max
Weeviled : 0.5% Max