• Common Name : Bael

  • Botanical Name : AEGLE MARMELOS


Green Fruits : These possess effective digestive, astringent and stomachic properties. They are used in preparing ‘murabbas’.

Ripe Fruits : Relieves chronic dysentery and diarrhea. They act as tonic for brain and heart. They also relieve bacillary dysentery and assist in relieving of ulcerated mucosa of intestine.

Roots : In the decoction form, roots relieve intermittent fever, melancholia and palpitation of heart. It is also an ingredient in preparing an Ayurvedic medicine called, ‘dashmool’.

Leaves : Bitter tasting leaves act as febrifuge. ‘Poultice’ prepared using them relieves ophthalmic disorder and ulcer. Fresh leaves are used to relieve conditions like weak heart, beri-beri and dropsy.

It finds ample use as abortifacient, astringent, anodyne, digestive, dentifrice, refrigerant, laxative, and restorative.