Bhue Amla

  • Common Name : Bhue Amla

  • Botanical Name : Phyllanthus niruri¬†

Therapeutic Powers

The Phyllanthus niruri plant is used to relieve problems of the liver as well as the kidney. It is known to be useful for relieving Hepatitis A mainly. It is a well known benefiting diuretic. The fresh juices as well as the powder of the Phyllanthus niruri are mainly added to medicinal formulations.

The Phyllanthus niruri is an astringent, laxative, carminative and a very bitter tasting tonic. The plant helps in problems like gonorrhea, constipation, stomach ache, dyspepsia, opthalmia and urinary disorders. The plant is also used for relieving flu, dropsy, diabetes, jaundice, asthma, bronchial infection, liver cirrhosis, genito urinary system ailments and viral hepatitis.